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Autism Speaks Canada Walk

Ottawa Walk

ABA Connections once again participated in the Resource Fair for the Autism Speaks Walk in Ottawa this past Sunday on June 2nd, 2019. Despite the weather the walk was a huge success and our Clinical Director, Leigh Giles, and Director of Client Services, Anna Sadler, had a great time meeting everyone!


If you didn't get a chance to check out our booth and see all the exciting things happen at ABA Connections over the summer make sure to head over to our services page or give us a call at 613-224-8476 for more information!

New Feature: Ask a BCBA

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  ABA Connections encourages parents, teachers, professionals, students and individuals to submit any inquiries about the field of Applied Behaviour Analysis! Select questions (and answers) will be featured on our blog! To submit a question fill out the form below!

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Autism Awareness Day at ABA Connections

ABA Connections was proud to wear blue today to celebrate autism awareness day! 

10 Ways We’re Encouraging Gross Motor Activities

It’s time to get moving! 

With our gross motor room updated to include some new visuals – here are 10 ways we are encouraging gross motor activity throughout our sessions.

1. Walk the line – Choose a line and have your client practice hoping, jumping, walking, shuffling etc. to the other side

2. Floor is Lava – Place paper/pillows/mats/lines on the floor and have your client jump from item to item without falling in

 3. Obstacle Course – Bring out the tunnel, hula hoops, skipping ropes, cones, trampoline, balls etc. and set up a course that has your client crawling, jumping, climbing, squatting and more

 4. Jump and Grab – Tape items or pictures (or sight words!) on the wall and have your client jump to grab or touch  them as you call out the target

5. Freeze Dance – put on some music and have your client dance till the music stops – add scarves, bubbles, or lights!

 6. Snake Rope – wiggle a skipping rope with a partner and have clients jump over

 7. Target Practice – setup targets at various heights and have your client practice throwing/kicking a ball/bean bag

8. Ribbon Waving – Practice rotating arms and wrists or extending their arm with the ribbon wands

 9. Trail Hop – lay out circle mats/hula hoops and have your client jump from circle to circle – change it up and use cut out feet, letters, shapes, numbers etc.

10. Relay Race – place an empty bin on one side and various items on the other then have your client run to the other     side, grab an item and place it in the bin – call out the item to make it more challenging!

Have any other ideas? Let us know!