Volunteer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information on volunteering at ABA Connections? We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions!


   While we do encourage everybody and anybody to apply to volunteer, unfortunately not everyone will be eligible to fill a volunteer position. Certain positions may require individuals to possess a specific skill – such as playing a musical instrument or baking skills – while others may require longer term commitments. All volunteer positions have detailed descriptions and requirements to help guide those interested in volunteering to a position that best suits their skill set; however if you are ever unsure, feel free to reach out to our Group Coordinator.

    ABA Connections values a variety of skills and attitudes that include, but are not limited to, accountability, creativity, energy, respect, inclusiveness, altruism, and leadership. We look for volunteers who are dedicated, reliable, and enthusiastic to making a change in the lives of children and youth, the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, and ABA Connections.

    We ask all those who are interested in volunteering at ABA Connections to complete an online application form. Once your form has been submitted, our Group Services Coordinator will be in contact with you within 5 business days to discuss your application and set up a time to meet.

    As part of our screening process we ask all volunteers to attend a formal interview. This is a great opportunity for not only ABA Connections, but for you as the volunteer, to assess suitability for the position, get to know one another, and learn how, together, we can achieve mutual goals.

    Volunteers play a large role in supporting our group services and as such, are working with vulnerable populations. To ensure a safe environment, ABA Connections asks all volunteers to receive a Level 3 – Vulnerable Sector Police Check prior to beginning their volunteer term. ABA Connections provides volunteer letters to all those that are accepted into our Volunteer Program which waive the fees or a portion of the fees associated with accessing a police check. This letter can be found in your welcome package. You can apply for your police record check here: https://olbc.ottawapolice.ca. 

Please be aware that wait times vary and are typically processed within 5-10 business days; keep this in mind when planning for your volunteer term.

  Once our screening process has been completed, the Group Coordinator will reach out to all applicants, rather successful or not, with volunteer positions available. Along with this a welcome letter, Volunteer Handbook, and policies and procedures will be sent to you to review.

  All volunteers are asked to attend an orientation prior to commencing their first volunteer term with ABA Connections where they will meet with staff and other volunteers, learn about ABA Connections, and complete basic training to help you be successful in your position. As part of the benefits of volunteering with ABA Connections, all volunteers will have access to ongoing training and continuing education that is related to the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and the field of special education.

 As part of the benefit of volunteering at ABA Connections, all volunteers will receive a letter of commitment upon the completion of a volunteer term which outlines the volunteer position, number of hours completed and job duties. Volunteers who dedicate at least 6 months to their volunteer position will have an individualized letter of reference written by the Group Coordinator and President of ABA Connections which outlines the volunteer position, the length of time volunteering, the contributions to the organization, and job duties.

  While it is important to be aware that volunteering does not guarantee a job, opportunities may become available through the networks and contacts you establish within your volunteering position.

  You are free to volunteer for multiple roles at a time as long as you have the time to commit to each one. Some positions may require more energy, effort or compassion than others; ensure you are able to rest and take care of your own wellbeing as well.

  We understand that situations may arise that result in you no longer being able to volunteer. In these instances we ask that you please speak to the Group Service Coordinator/ Together, a transition plan can be created to respectfully end your commitment while allowing sufficient time to prepare a replacement.

    ABA Connections has a number of volunteer positions available with some being an ongoing position and others with a set term. To see a list of open positions please click here.

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