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Welcome to ABA Connections

I am so excited to finally launch our new website! You don’t realize how much actually goes into the creation of a website until you have taken over the task yourself.

Our new website has many new features and updates then our last and I hope that visitors will take the time to explore each new page. Some of the newest additions include:

  • The updated “About Us” section provides information on the history of ABA Connections, our service-delivery model and goals as service providers
  • The new “Our Center” section provides pictures and details of the teaching environment at ABA Connections
  • The new “Calendar” section highlights special events occurring throughout the month

One of the most exciting additions to our website is the “News, Events, and More” section. One of the main goals when ABA Connections was created was to not only connect the field of Applied Behavior Analysis to the families we served but to the outside community as well. It is my hope that ABA Connections will help connect the field of ABA to families, professionals, parents, and individuals inside the Ottawa area and beyond.