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Classroom Program 
ABA Connections offers two Classroom programs that have been designed to mimic a traditional classroom setting and focus on the skills necessary to be a successful student. Whether focusing on academic skills, social skills, or managing classroom expectations and routines, the Classroom program provides a safe, nurturing, and effective learning environment for those who require a less intensive ABA-based instruction.  

The Classroom Environment

 ABA Connections has designed an environment to mimic the structure and consistency of a classroom setting. Through common school based activities clients will engage in daily activities such as responding to attendance and questions of the day, class meetings, physical activity, math, reading, science, writing, independent and small group activities as well as transitioning throughout the center.

 Through low ratio teaching (1:4) clients are provided with the opportunity to practice their school skills with a level of support that best suits their needs and comfort. Our trained and supportive ABA teachers are able to adapt the environment to best meet the needs of the students while ensuring various activities and routines are being led that support the learning, maintaining, and generalizing of skills necessary for success in a public school environment.


Why Might my Child Need a Classroom Program?

For some clients, the Classroom Program may serve as a transition away from intensive 1:1 to teaching while others may use this program to prepare for the academic demands of school. Regardless, the Classroom Program at ABA Connections is designed to target essential school skills such as communication and language development, social skills, daily living skills, and routines while providing components of the Ontario school curriculum.


Focused vs. Comprehensive Streams

At ABA Connections we understand that goals will vary for each client we serve and as such we offer two different streams in our Classroom Program based on goals, skill level and comfort.


Focused Classroom Program

Our Focused Classroom Program is ideal for individuals who require additional support with social skills, classroom routines, and academics and are beginning to transition away from intensive teaching, environmental modifications, and 1:1 support. Using a more naturalistic approach to teaching and programming, the Focused Classroom relies on direct observations, permanent products, and time sampling to track and monitor progress. 

Comprehensive Program

Our Comprehensive Classroom Program is ideal for individuals who require more intensive support and programming to navigate the classroom environment and routines. A variety of assessments will be used, alongside input from parents and outside professionals, to determine the ideal programming and goals and will be implemented through both naturalistic approaches and direct instruction. Progress is tracked and monitored using individualized data collection systems and reviewed and analyzed by a member of the ABA Connections Clinical Team.

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